Furrow, Don't Burrow

How to Plow Perfect Furrows While You Cultivate

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Ever notice how farm fields are planted in neat rows? Your garden can look just as slick.

Farmers plow multiple rows at a time with large furrowers. Gardeners use smaller furrowers, attached to cultivators, that create one row at a time.

Don't dig with a hoe. Make slick, clean rows by attaching a furrower to your cultivator, and discover how easy gardening and harvesting can be.

1. Make Your Mark
garden markers
Press stakes parallel from one another on either side of your garden to mark the ends of the rows.

Make sure they're lined up straight, because these will mark the ends of your rows, and therefor how even your rows will be.

2. Stringing It
twine and scissors
Tie long lines of string from stake to stake. These strings will serve as straight edges for furrowing each row.

Now when you cultivate and furrow, just keep it between the lines as you do each row.

3. The Hook Up
furrower attachment
Attach the furrower to the back of your tiller or cultivator. These are best to use on a cultivator after your garden's already been tilled.

This way you'll be furrowing a smooth blend of well cultivated soil.

4. Part the Earth
furrow trench
Fire up your cultivator and start furrowing your rows between the strings, treating the strings like guard rails to make sure you stay straight.

As you're furrowing, you should be creating a trench and plowing the soil to either side.

5. Spread Your Seed
spreading your seed
Once you've cultivated and plowed your furrows, it's time to plant your crops.

Lay your seeds in the trenches, appropriately spaced apart, and then gently shovel the heaps of soil over top of the seeds to fill in the trenches and smooth out the top of the soil.

6. Quench the Thirst
woman watering garden soil
Water the rows thoroughly and repeat as necessary to keep the soil moist so the seeds can germinate.

Once they sprout enough that all rows are visible above ground, you may remove the stakes and strings.

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