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How to Save on Rototillers Without Using Coupons

By  | Tiller Product Expert

With nearly every online purchase, you find yourself searching for coupon codes.

Many sites like to send you on a scavenger hunt to find tiller coupon codes, offering a good price for those who put in the time.

At Tillers Direct, we skip the scavenger hunt and give you great prices up front. There's no need to search for garden tiller coupon codes. Just enjoy the great prices without the hassle.

Aside from that, we offer a slew of other ways to buy a garden tiller at a surprisingly low price.

Weekly Specials
The weekly specials section of Tillers Direct features rototillers included in promotions and sales. The retail prices of these models are often slashed by hundreds of dollars.

Closeout Central
We put tillers on closeout for a few reasons: getting rid of last year's models, liquidating inventory, or when we make a special buy from a manufacturer. Regardless of the reason, you can save big on brand-new mowers.

Scratch & Dent
These scratch and dent tillers have cosmetic flaws, such as chipped paint or a dent. We've taken them back to our warehouse and made sure they still run like new. If you don't mind a scratch or a dent, you can save a lot of money.

Bulk Purchase
For folks looking to buy five or more rototillers at a time, we offer bulk purchase pricing. Read detailed information about this program below:

Paper Check Discount
When you buy any garden tiller priced over $1000, if you elect to pay by check, you can save 2%. Credit card processing fees are about 2% so when you pay by check, we pass the savings on to you.


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