Rear-Tine Tiller Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Rear-Tine Tiller

By  | Tiller Product Expert

When choosing tools to start your own garden, a rear tine tiller is the first investment you should make. Rear-tine tillers break up hard ground and till it into soft garden soil that can easily be cultivated and planted in. Manually preparing a garden with a shovel or a spade is extremely strenuous work.

Rear-tine tillers allow you to aerate and loosen soil effortlessly without undertaking exhausting labor.

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Standard Rotating Tines (SRT)

Standard Rotating Tine Tillers have tines that rotate forward, in the same direction as the wheels. A standard rotating tine tiller is ideal if you're tilling ground 5” in depth or less.


Counter Rotating Tines (DRT)

Counter Rotating Tine Tillers have tines that rotate counter-clockwise. The frontward pulling of the wheels combined with the counter rotation enable an individual to till compact soil very easily. Counter rotating tine tillers are the best for loosening hard or clay soils. 


Dual Rotating Tines (DRT)

Dual Rotating Tine Tillers can perform as either a standard rotating tine tiller or a counter rotating tine tiller, offering you the ultimate in versatility and performance.

Fantastic Features

Tires Tiller Rear Wheels
Rear-tine tillers have large, heavy-duty tires with large treads for better traction in muddy or cultivated soil.

Transferring power from the engine to the wheels enables rear-tine tillers to tackle larger jobs in landscaping, serious gardening and construction.

You only need to guide the tiller as it works, so rear-tine tillers can muscle through large gardens, tough soil, and sod.

Transmission Tiller Transmission
A nice feature found on rear-tine tillers is a transmission with forward and reverse speeds. This allows you to safely back up to re-till areas.

Some rear-tine tillers have multiple forward speeds so you can choose how quickly you'd like to go.

Drag Bar Tiller Drag Bar
One feature you may want to look for is an adjustable drag bar. This runs behind the tiller and allows you to work at a consistent depth.

You can set the drag bar for the depth you need, depending on the job.

Counter-Weight Tiller Counter Weight
Another safety feature to consider is a counter-weight. This helps keep the machine balanced as you till.

A counter-weight will also help prevent the heavy rear-tine tiller from jerking during use.


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