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Rototiller Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Rototiller

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Early civilizations recognized that loose soil results in a bountiful garden. Modern-day gardeners and landscapers are ditching their shovels and spades in favor of a more mechanical method. Rototillers will significantly reduce the physical toll of weeding or digging a garden. You should choose based on what you're looking to accomplish. Tillers dig new gardens, but cultivators mix and blend the soil - usually with added amendments like compost.

Compare Rototillers How To Pick The Perfect CultivatorHow To Pick The Perfect Garden Tiller
Cultivators CultivatorSometimes referred to as "mini-tillers," cultivators are light-weight, portable lawn tools. These are the perfect tool for weeding gardens and cleaning between established beds. Cultivators are either electric or gas-powered. They are propelled by the cutting tines, which rip through dirt and soil. If you've got a small garden, then a cultivator will do the trick. Garden Tillers Garden TillersInstead of investing in old-fashioned oxen-power, garden tillers have powerful engines designed to break new ground. Garden tillers come in three different styles: front-tine, mid-tine or rear-tines. Front-tine tillers are typically cheaper and designed for weeding or stirring established beds. If you want to break new ground, you'll need a rear-tine tiller - preferably with counter-rotating or dual-rotating tines to really break up hard soil or clay.

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