Power Equipment Direct Unveils New Product Ads

Power Equipment Direct Unveils New Product Ads

Online Retailer Drives Traffic to Existing Dealer Networks

BOLINGBROOK, IL (October 24, 2012) - Today Power Equipment Direct (PED) launched PED Product Ads - a new advertising program designed to drive highly qualified web shoppers to local dealers.

Since it was founded ten years ago, manufacturers could only sell – not advertise – their products on the PED’s network of web stores, including MowersDirect.com and PowerEquipmentDirect.com. With the launch of PED Product Ads, manufacturers' products are simply added to the web stores. Instead of selling them online, PED drives the Internet customer directly to small independent dealers in their area.

“While some products cannot be sold on our web stores, it doesn't prevent manufacturers from promoting them online,” said Jon Hoch, PED president. “If they aren't visible online, potential customers won't consider them as part of the buying process and may purchase from competitors instead.”

The company unveiled PED Product Ads at the GIE EXPO in Louisville, KY where the top manufacturers and independent dealers converge.

"Many long-standing manufacturers don't want to alienate their dealer network. PED Product Ads is the ideal program to link manufacturers and dealers together, driving qualified leads and, ultimately, putting more money in their pockets," said Hoch.

The PED Network of Stores generates more than 15 million unique visitors annually. These highly qualified shoppers leverage the web stores to research the best products available.

The PED Product Ads look nearly identical with other products sold online. Customers can compare models, research specifications and even write reviews.

“The only difference is the ‘Call to Action’ Box,” said Hoch. “Instead of adding the product to your shopping cart, customers can input their zip code to be instantly directed to a local dealer.”

Manufacturers simply pay a dollar for every lead generated for most machines. Leads for accessories are discounted to fifty cents each.

Preferred Placement
In addition to generating leads, PED Product Ads feature Preferred Placement - an online auction to promote their products in optimal spaces within product listings.

For example, the advertiser with the highest Preferred Placement bid will automatically appear at the top of every relevant results page. The second highest bidder will appear in the sixth position.

According to Hoch, advertisers using Preferred Placement receive greater exposure, resulting in a significant increase of leads.

Visit www.powerequipmentdirect.com/ads for more information about PED Product Ads.

Power Equipment Direct has been named one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in America by Inc. and Internet Retailer.
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