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Cultivator Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Cultivator. Tillers Direct walks you through picking the perfect garden cultivator. Unlike tillers, which create gardens, cultivators maintain gardens. Cultivators are either electric or gas powered. The type of gardening someone plans on undertaking will determine which cultivator will suit them best.

Cultivator Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Cultivator

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Cultivator Buyer's Guide

Folks with a green thumb knows how much work it takes to plant and maintain a stunning garden.

But with the help of a powered garden cultivator, you can eliminate most of the pain-staking labor.

You're still going to mix soil, aerate, remove weeds and cultivate between rows, but now you can tackle all this with one handy machine.

Powered garden cultivators are versatile tools that can accomplish many different tasks.

Compare CultivatorsHow to Pick the Perfect Electric CultivatorHow to Pick the Perfect Gas Cultivator

electric cultivator
Electric cultivators are perfect for small jobs, if you're always gardening within close proximity to an electric outlet, or if noise is a concern.

With an electric cultivator, you'll never have to worry about mixing gas and oil. Electric cultivators are ideal for confined spaces because they are adjustable in width and depth of treatment.

They are relatively light and simple to use. The small and relatively easy handling of the electric cultivator gives you the advantage of easy storage as well.

gas cultivator
Gas cultivators are more powerful than their electric counterparts. They are still much lighter than garden tillers, weighing only about 25 pounds.

Because the tines propel the cultivator as they rip up the soil, you should expect a forearm workout controlling the machine.

If you're going to be cultivating beds away from an electrical source, a gas-powered cultivator should be your choice.

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